fix8 1.2

Communication tool that animates your expressions and movements in real-time (See all)
Mobinex, Inc.

Fix8 is a smart and impressive interactive communication application that animates your expressions and movements in real-time.
All you need is your PC, a webcam, and a dash of creativity. Use a wide mix of creative tools including 3D avatars, creative "dress-up" accessories, flash animation and more to create your own world of videos to upload to your personal blog or post to video sharing sites.

Fix8 is a program combining virtual communications technology with live video, animation, and instant messaging to create animated accessories and a cast of virtual characters to map user's facial movements and expressions. Users can be anyone, anything, and anywhere from the internet to mobile telephone, to television. Users can dress up in virtual costumes or create their own, or share animated videos live over instant-message services including MSN, Yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Skype. They can also save and post animated videos across social networking and video sharing sites such as YouTube.

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